Our Proposition

Al Mashriq Capital is the first Islamic Wealth Management (IWM) firm created in the U.A.E. Embarking on an ambitious and visionary undertaking is something that we are conscientious of.

We are the first and only IWM firm based in the Eastern Province. We also became the first U.A.E. financial institution to adhere to the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®), the worldwide guideline for presentation of investment performance.

IWM is an all-encompassing way of managing your wealth. We are not seeking to make a quick transactional sale. We will look out for your best financial interests while mentoring and ensuring a compatible fit between your profile and your intended financial ambitions.

The concept of IWM goes beyond typical expectation. IWM is an overarching understanding of your financial viewpoint. It is a well thought out process that uniquely adheres to Shari’ah standards. This is the true definition of IWM.

This is Al Mashriq.

Al Mashriq Commercial Investment Corporation is, “Your wealth, your way.”